Civil Work

We are specialists in earthmoving, necessary for the execution of various types of work.

In PEAL we specialize in earth moving operations, used in the construction of roads, highways, railroads, tunnels, airports, hydraulic works and buildings, focusing on an efficient use of machinery for an optimal result for the customer, at the level of expectations that these works require.

Among the machinery available to PEAL for the achievement of these works we can find:


25 years participating in Spain’s major structures.

In the last 25 years Spain has made a great effort, in which PEAL has collaborated, that has placed us on a par with many European countries.

Peal has contributed to the enormous development of transport infrastructures in our country, and to the new management and financing systems that have been increasingly implemented hand in hand with the private sector, collaborating in the largest projects such as highways, freeways, logistics platforms and railway, port and airport infrastructures.


Poland is once again investing in infrastructure thanks to European funds.

Poland aims to have a high-capacity road network of 5,300 kilometres: 2,000 kilometres of freeways and 3,300 kilometres of dual carriageways. The country currently has 1,165 kilometres of toll roads and just over 1,400 kilometres of dual carriageway roads.

Since 2011, PEAL has been in place in Poland, contributing to the enormous momentum in the creation of major infrastructure


Portugal continues to develop its land infrastructures, becoming one of the countries with the highest number of kilometres of motorway per inhabitant.

Portugal currently has one of the most developed networks in Europe, made up of motorways; Main Roads or Itineraries; Complementary Roads or Itineraries which act as a connection between the main roads and the urban centres; National Roads and Municipal Roads, to whose development we have contributed in works such as the Viana Do Castelo Motorway, the Odeleite Motorway or the Castelo Branço Motorway.