PEAL has been participating in major mining projects in Spain for more than 50 years.

Mining operations

PEAL, a company with more than half a century in the Spanish mining sector, stands out for its participation in significant mining projects.

Spain, according to 2010 data, is home to 3,612 mining operations and employs around 29,500 people.

The diversity of extractions ranges from energy minerals, such as anthracite and coal, to metallic and non-metallic minerals, including tin, lead, copper, zinc, gold, and varieties of industrial and ornamental rocks. More information is available on its official website.

What we extract?


Energy: include anthracite and hard coal, i.e. coal.


Metallic ores: e.g. tin, lead, copper, zinc, gold, etc.


Minerales no metálicos (industrial, ornamental rocks and quarry products): inter alia, quartz, feldspar, salts, slate, marble, clay, granite, gypsum, etc.


Santa Lucia de Gordón Mine

Aguablanca Mine

Santa María Mine

Armadilla Quarry

Santullán Quarry

Casaio Quarry

Santa Marta Mine

David Mine

Túnel de Raniella Mine

Saloro Mine

El Carmen Quarry

De la Jola Quarry

As Pontes Mine

Civil Work

Spain is awaiting decisions from the Ministry of Public Works to address future infrastructure challenges. A twenty-year effort has positioned the country at the level of its European peers in various sectors.

PEAL has been key in advancing transport infrastructure, through its participation in major projects and the adoption of new management and financing models with a greater role for the private sector, including highways, motorways, rail, port and airport structures.


A Coruña Outer Harbour (Arteixo)

Expansion of A Coruña Airport

Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport

Thermosolar plant in Puertollano

Plaza Phase I and Phase II

Ikea Jerez