Technical Office

The technical office at PEAL is committed to technological innovation and the continuous technical training of our staff.

We prioritize innovation by regularly upgrading our equipment and expertise. Our team actively contributes to teaching and research at the University of León, granting us access to cutting-edge technologies and ongoing professional development.

We prioritize software excellence to enhance our engineering projects. Our state-of-the-art design software, specifically tailored for civil and mining engineering in earthworks, ensures that all our undertakings meet the highest standards. By harnessing these cutting-edge tools, we demonstrate our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional quality and efficiency throughout all project stages.

Studies and projects

The Studies and Projects department is crucial for the mining and public works industries. They tailor their methods to meet the unique needs and challenges of each field:


PEAL’s Surveying Department is distinguished by its use of cutting-edge technology to meet market demands in surveying and mapping. We offer specialized services both to the Studies and Projects department and to works in progress, covering a variety of independent works specific to topography and cartography.

In earthworks operations, we perform three crucial types of topographic surveys:

Aside from our primary roles, we undertake diverse surveying tasks for projects. We employ advanced GNSS receivers for digital surveying and leverage photogrammetry for accurate measurements. We utilize state-of-the-art tools like drones and laser scanners to produce digital terrain models and orthophotos, which are invaluable resources for numerous projects.

Our topographic services include setting up base stations, performing auscultation surveys, managing geometric control, providing photogrammetric assistance, conducting bathymetric surveys, levelling the terrain, marking boundary lines, and issuing expert reports, among other activities. We utilize the latest technology, employing dual-frequency GNSS equipment from reputable brands such as Trimble, Topcon, and Leica, as well as total stations with varying capabilities.

Our company also deploys automated systems for motor graders and bulldozers from Topcon and Trimble, utilizing both total station and GPS technology. By leveraging advanced equipment for mapping and surveying, PEAL ensures the utmost quality in every project undertaken.