It is our company’s mission, based on its scientific and technical expertise in surface mining, to minimize the occurrence of accidents, and in effect, protect the safety and health of its workers.

At PEAL we aim to comply with the ZERO accident policy

PEAL has created an Occupational Risk Prevention Management model that follows the European Council Directive 89/391/EEC and aligns with modern business practices. It’s a centralized system that can be implemented directly in each workplace, allowing for quick and tailored collaboration with different clients, ensuring adaptability and efficiency.

This approach is adaptable and adheres to standards, fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and close relationships. It prioritizes conflict minimization and draws on experience. It is nimble, user-centric, and strives for continuous improvement through ongoing assessments and a methodical approach. This comprehensive vision embraces the contributions of diverse areas, ensuring a collaborative and effective preventive system.

The project’s attributes are backed by legal regulations specific to the destination country. To enhance the company’s efficiency in terms of workforce, machinery, equipment, and infrastructure, the system prioritizes reducing accident occurrences. This approach aims to mitigate uncertainties and boost competitiveness.